Demi dating nick jonas

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She was widely rumored to have penned her track, Ruin The Friendship, about her long-time pal, Nick Jonas.

And Demi Lovato finally addressed romance rumors with the singer, 25, during an appearance on The Ellen De Generes Show on Wednesday.

I'm kind of a private person."However, as she told interviewer Nelson Aspen, "I do lay a lot out on the line when I do an interview, or whenever I perform and write my lyrics.

If I'm able to inspire people to share their story and be honest and open with things that they believe in, then awesome.

She wriggled out of it, saying that Jimmy was her 'favorite in New York, they edited that part out.' Ellen tapes in Los Angeles.

Then she reached out to hold Ellen's hand, saying: 'I want to Ruin The Friendship with you.' explaining to the confused host, 'it's a good thing it means I'm secretly in love with you.'Ellen one upped Jimmy, who gave the star a gift of her favorite pickles, by bringing on a huge jar of the cucumbers - much to Demi's delight.

In this documentary you talk about eating disorders, drugs...'Demi broke in, adding: 'Depression, yeah I talk about everything.

“We’ve grown up together, and Nick is somebody that I can rely on, whether it’s in the middle of the night or the middle of the day – he’s consistently been there for me,” she says.

For a complete list of Lovato and Jonas’ Future Now tour dates, click here.

Simply Complicated will be out on You Tube on October 17.

Meanwhile, Nick was spotted heading to MTV's TRL Show on Wednesday.

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